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Symptoms of Allergies

Allergy symptoms occur when your immune system overreacts to an allergen—something that usually is harmless, such as plant pollen, dust mites, molds, insect stings or food. If you have an allergy, your immune system acts as if the allergen were dangerous, releasing a chemical called histamine that causes allergy symptoms.

If the allergen is something you breathe in from the air, your reaction will most likely affect your eyes, nose and lungs. If it's something you eat, it may affect your mouth, stomach and intestines. Food allergies also can cause skin rashes or even asthma symptoms.

Allergy symptoms will vary depending on the type of allergen. To learn more, visit the allergy page that best applies to you:

Cockroach Allergy

Drug Allergies

Dust Allergy

Eye Allergies

Food Allergies

Insect Sting Allergies

Latex Allergy

Mold Allergy

Pet Allergies



Skin Allergies

Suffering from Allergies?

Use My Nasal Allergy Journal to track your allergy triggers, symptoms, and medications. Share your journal results with your board-certified allergist to find treatment and relief.

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Allergy Relief Test

If you or your child has allergies, use the Allergy Relief Self-Test to review your symptoms and see if you need to find relief.

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Find an Allergist

An allergist is a doctor who has the specialized training and experience to find out what causes your allergies, prevent and treat symptoms, and help keep them under control. Find an allergist in your zip code and find relief.

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