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No Place Like the ACAAI Annual Meeting for FITs

By Meagan Shepherd, MD, Senior FIT Representative to the ACAAI Board of Regents

Through the eyes of an A/I fellow-in-training, there is no better place to learn, interact with new friends and colleagues, and have a wonderful experience than the ACAAI Annual Meeting. This year's Annual Meeting in Anaheim, Calif., was no exception. The meeting was attended by 263 member and three non-member FITs, and 215 travel grants were awarded. The fellows-in-training section wants to extend a sincere thank you to all of those who donated money and time to enable the FITs to attend and learn.

The history of Disneyland was likely not high on the agenda for most attending the meeting this year. However, this was just one of the many topics covered during the 21st Annual FIT Bowl, supported by Sanofi US. David Rose, MD, and Scott Dickson, MD, of Wilford Hall Medical Center, won first place after an intense three-way tie - the first in the history of the FIT Bowl.

Another first this year was the FIT Symposium, a new event featuring lectures specially designed for fellows-in-training. The event was very well received. Thomas Fleisher, MD, FACAAI, presented “Immunodeficiency: Review of Current Data,” and Bryan Martin, DO, FACAAI, presented “What Will the Future Practice of Allergy Look Like?”

Monica Bhagat, MD, first-year fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, was elected to serve as Junior FIT Rep to the ACAAI Board of Regents. Additionally, five other fellows-in-training were selected to serve as regional representatives, including Amanda Jagdis, MD (University of Toronto), Kelley von Elton, MD (Walter Reed Medical Center), Bob Geng, MD (UCLA), Fatima Khan, MD (University of Washington), and Marissa Shams, MD (Emory University).

Congratulations to FITs who received the Clemens von Pirquet Award sponsored by the ACAAI Alliance. Winners were Irene Fung, MD (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) first place; Bob Geng, MD (UCLA), second place; and Joshua Kennedy, MD (University of Virginia Medical Center), third place. The ACAAI is ripe with opportunities to become involved with your specialty! Contact your regional representative or me ( for more information.

FIT Bowl

Three winning teams in the FIT Bowl Competition were (from left) Drs. Nabeel Farooqui and Meagan Shepherd, Ohio State University, third place; Drs. Scott Dickson and David Rose, Wilford Hall Medical Center, champions; and Drs. Nithya Swamy and Merin Sunny, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, second place.

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