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Resources Help Fellows-in-Training Stay on Track

To many, spring is symbolic for birth, growth, and starting fresh. However, to Allergy and Immunology fellows-in-training nearing the end of fellowship, spring is the time to begin serious preparation for the ABAI exam. Board preparation starts with registering for the exam. For those of us who have yet to complete this, registration is open until April 30. The exam dates are Sept. 30 – Oct. 4 and this year the ABAI made the commitment to decrease the cost of the exam to $2,650. Registration can take several days, so get started! For more information, please see

First time test takers for the 2012 ABAI examination had a 97 percent pass rate, setting the bar very high! For board preparation, the Joint ACAAI/AAAAI Board Review Course (given every two years) is unfortunately not in cycle this year. However, the ACAAI has many materials available to help. The College publishes ACAAI Review for the Allergy and Immunology Boards, which is available for free download on the ACAAI member website. This excellent source contains over 500 pages of up-to-date information in the field of allergy and immunology in a concise format with color photographs, tables, and graphs. Additionally, your FIT representatives are hard at work each month, providing practice questions from current textbooks which can be used for board review and fellowship didactics. The review questions are available to FIT members via the Fellows-in-Training webpage.

Also on the horizon is the In-Training Exam, which will take place this year May 1 – May 8. While none of us enjoy preparing for this exam, it is a prime opportunity to gauge potential performance on the ABAI examination. It can reveal deficiencies in the knowledge base which are definitely better discovered before (rather than after!) the boards. Registration must be made by the Program Director.

Currently your FIT representatives are planning the 2013 ACAAI Annual Meeting FIT Symposium, which was a huge success at the 2012 Annual Meeting. We are also working on making the Fellows-in-Training webpage more user-friendly with additional fellow-specific resources. There are many opportunities to become involved! Contact your regional representative or me ( with any questions or suggestions.

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